Saturday, March 31, 2012

Property Boom Leads to High Lumber Prices

The sheer volume of goods traded over the past 24 hours has been eye-popping! Stone Street is so busy from villages across the Tiny Kingdom working overtime to take advantage of the drop in real-estate prices that it's a wonder any of the floor clerks can keep up with it, let alone keep it straight.

When the Dino roared to close the market today, everyone was a winner. But we're seeing particularly favorable circumstances for buying stones and bulk wood. Fur prices are down a bit, and even though textiles are up, they're still priced for profits. The increased demand from the building industry has shot the price of lumber up. I'd suggest building out of stones until lumber levels out.

Watch for sell-offs in rocks and food - and the people who have lumber to spare are making a bundle on a market-high sell price for it. But anyone who needs to buy it already knew that, didn't you?

Nobody can offer me any explanation I'll believe for the price of food going up, so I'm just going to blame it on the dinosaurs who surely are being worked 24/7 in this building boom.

If fireflies were food, we'd be set, because I am seeing clusters of them all over as evening falls over the Tiny Kingdom. Stone Street will be here tomorrow and so will I with all the changes in the markets. Until then, don't inhale too sharply around those fireflies...

Friday, March 30, 2012

Celebrations Push Market Successes

After a lackluster day of trading, Stone Street reverberated with celebrations for potential Real Estate bargains at the end of the trading day as news spread across the villages of the Tiny Kingdom. With land being limited for some villages, new land is probably bigger news than anything going on at Stone Street.

Last minute purchases rallied the market a little and aside from furriers, most people seemed content with the prices. There was a total collapse of lumber prices, so they're quite the steal today. (Unless you're trying to sell some.) Wovens are close to a market low price, too.

I think it was just the revelry, though. Over the next few days, I predict a less than stellar market performance as the Tiny Kingdom hurries into real estate investments. But tomorrow is another day, and nobody knows what it will actually bring.

Amid loud hoops, and hollers, I'm signing off for the day to join the party! Until the morrow, when Stone Street Markets roar back to life.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Where There's Smoke - The Market Must Go On

The trading floor was cleared twice today as a cry of FIRE went out across Stone Street! But it was just smoke blowing through from a bit of celebration across the town square. I haven't been there yet, but it smells delicious-when they aren't over-charring the meals on the grill.

Food prices stabilized by the end of the day and bakers were back to baking fresh goods again with their new stocks of foodstuffs. Rocks and stones are looking like great buys, too. Woven goods took a sharp upturn after the buying frenzy of yesterday, but there's still room for some profit there.

Wood and lumber are approaching market highs, and as a result people are selling their overstocks for a tidy payback.

In other news, there was an abrupt real estate depreciation that has everyone digging deep into their pockets to take advantage of - if there's any real estate to be had near their village. One can only guess how long this will last, but the spunky Tiny Citizens are turning it into an opportunity to grow rather than a time to complain about lost equity.

With the celebrations now over at the heart of the Tiny Kingdom, the invitees to the unveiling of the new Zoo facility are busy exploring. For those without invitations, though, they're making due with the grillmasters in the town square.

That's the recap from Stone Street for today. The sun rises over the Magic Rock in the morning, and anything could happen. You can count on me being here to tell you about it.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

As The Food Flies (Up, Up, and Away...)

That loud sound about 90 minutes ago was the simultaneous exhale of relief from woven goods merchants, shops, and traders across The Tiny Kingdom as the new prices were posted on Stone Street. And before they even took another breath, the action was already heating up with cries of, "Here! BUY!"

Stone prices dropped to a low today, and that's providing ample opportunity for carvers to stockpile. There's a promise of profit to the lumber industry's needs that has boosted buy orders for stacks of lumber. Wood, though, is holding steady at a middle price point, while rock and fur prices inched back up after the high demands of yesterday's market.

The real story today is in foods, again! While nobody is admitting it, I hear that huge dino-loads of foodstuffs are being diverted to the center of the Tiny Kingdom to cater tomorrow's event at the seat of power by Those Who Rule. That means there is hope that there will be food for the rest of us by the close of Stone Street tomorrow.

Speculators are selling off overstocks of lumber, furs, woven textiles, and, yes, FOOD, for decent profits in today's market.

Until Rupert's chest-beating yodel starts the festivities tomorrow at the gala event, that's pretty much all I can tell you from the Stone Street Markets today.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fur Sure, but Not Woven

Buy slips littered the floors of the Markets today after the crazy buying spree of the past 24 hours. As the prices adjusted for the close of market, all of the basic commodities are looking at good buy prices, with an outstanding price on rocks and furs. The price of stones and lumber are up slightly, but we think most shopkeepers can earn a living at the price of stones. Lumber, probably not.

But woven goods are sky high and there's whispers across the Tiny Kingdom about merchants  going on 'vacation' before they'll pay that much for woven resources.

If you're overstocked in woven fur, today is the day to sell sell sell - provided you can find a buyer. Lumber and stones look like pretty decent business for sellers, too.

This should bring another brisk day of trades to all the markets on Stone Street. My advice is not to say the word "Woven" in any context on the buying floors, though...

Until the dino roars at the end of the day on Stone Street tomorrow, that's the way I see it.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Market Fully Recovered

After a day of fairly heavy activity, Stone Street appears to have recovered from that regrettable Florist contamination problem that spilled across the Tiny Kingdom markets over the weekend. It's a buyer's market except in the textile and rock quarters, and you should be here to see the frenetic commotion on Stone Street as they try to buy all the stone, lumber, food, fur and wood they can lay their hands on.

Profit-taking sell-offs are popular in textiles for the few who can afford to off-load extra wovens in this lucrative market.

Nobody knows how long these prices will last, but the sure thing is - tomorrow is another day, and there will be a change on Stone Street. I'll see YOU at the change!