Friday, March 30, 2012

Celebrations Push Market Successes

After a lackluster day of trading, Stone Street reverberated with celebrations for potential Real Estate bargains at the end of the trading day as news spread across the villages of the Tiny Kingdom. With land being limited for some villages, new land is probably bigger news than anything going on at Stone Street.

Last minute purchases rallied the market a little and aside from furriers, most people seemed content with the prices. There was a total collapse of lumber prices, so they're quite the steal today. (Unless you're trying to sell some.) Wovens are close to a market low price, too.

I think it was just the revelry, though. Over the next few days, I predict a less than stellar market performance as the Tiny Kingdom hurries into real estate investments. But tomorrow is another day, and nobody knows what it will actually bring.

Amid loud hoops, and hollers, I'm signing off for the day to join the party! Until the morrow, when Stone Street Markets roar back to life.

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