Wednesday, March 28, 2012

As The Food Flies (Up, Up, and Away...)

That loud sound about 90 minutes ago was the simultaneous exhale of relief from woven goods merchants, shops, and traders across The Tiny Kingdom as the new prices were posted on Stone Street. And before they even took another breath, the action was already heating up with cries of, "Here! BUY!"

Stone prices dropped to a low today, and that's providing ample opportunity for carvers to stockpile. There's a promise of profit to the lumber industry's needs that has boosted buy orders for stacks of lumber. Wood, though, is holding steady at a middle price point, while rock and fur prices inched back up after the high demands of yesterday's market.

The real story today is in foods, again! While nobody is admitting it, I hear that huge dino-loads of foodstuffs are being diverted to the center of the Tiny Kingdom to cater tomorrow's event at the seat of power by Those Who Rule. That means there is hope that there will be food for the rest of us by the close of Stone Street tomorrow.

Speculators are selling off overstocks of lumber, furs, woven textiles, and, yes, FOOD, for decent profits in today's market.

Until Rupert's chest-beating yodel starts the festivities tomorrow at the gala event, that's pretty much all I can tell you from the Stone Street Markets today.

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