Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Fur Sure, but Not Woven

Buy slips littered the floors of the Markets today after the crazy buying spree of the past 24 hours. As the prices adjusted for the close of market, all of the basic commodities are looking at good buy prices, with an outstanding price on rocks and furs. The price of stones and lumber are up slightly, but we think most shopkeepers can earn a living at the price of stones. Lumber, probably not.

But woven goods are sky high and there's whispers across the Tiny Kingdom about merchants  going on 'vacation' before they'll pay that much for woven resources.

If you're overstocked in woven fur, today is the day to sell sell sell - provided you can find a buyer. Lumber and stones look like pretty decent business for sellers, too.

This should bring another brisk day of trades to all the markets on Stone Street. My advice is not to say the word "Woven" in any context on the buying floors, though...

Until the dino roars at the end of the day on Stone Street tomorrow, that's the way I see it.

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