Saturday, March 31, 2012

Property Boom Leads to High Lumber Prices

The sheer volume of goods traded over the past 24 hours has been eye-popping! Stone Street is so busy from villages across the Tiny Kingdom working overtime to take advantage of the drop in real-estate prices that it's a wonder any of the floor clerks can keep up with it, let alone keep it straight.

When the Dino roared to close the market today, everyone was a winner. But we're seeing particularly favorable circumstances for buying stones and bulk wood. Fur prices are down a bit, and even though textiles are up, they're still priced for profits. The increased demand from the building industry has shot the price of lumber up. I'd suggest building out of stones until lumber levels out.

Watch for sell-offs in rocks and food - and the people who have lumber to spare are making a bundle on a market-high sell price for it. But anyone who needs to buy it already knew that, didn't you?

Nobody can offer me any explanation I'll believe for the price of food going up, so I'm just going to blame it on the dinosaurs who surely are being worked 24/7 in this building boom.

If fireflies were food, we'd be set, because I am seeing clusters of them all over as evening falls over the Tiny Kingdom. Stone Street will be here tomorrow and so will I with all the changes in the markets. Until then, don't inhale too sharply around those fireflies...

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