Thursday, March 29, 2012

Where There's Smoke - The Market Must Go On

The trading floor was cleared twice today as a cry of FIRE went out across Stone Street! But it was just smoke blowing through from a bit of celebration across the town square. I haven't been there yet, but it smells delicious-when they aren't over-charring the meals on the grill.

Food prices stabilized by the end of the day and bakers were back to baking fresh goods again with their new stocks of foodstuffs. Rocks and stones are looking like great buys, too. Woven goods took a sharp upturn after the buying frenzy of yesterday, but there's still room for some profit there.

Wood and lumber are approaching market highs, and as a result people are selling their overstocks for a tidy payback.

In other news, there was an abrupt real estate depreciation that has everyone digging deep into their pockets to take advantage of - if there's any real estate to be had near their village. One can only guess how long this will last, but the spunky Tiny Citizens are turning it into an opportunity to grow rather than a time to complain about lost equity.

With the celebrations now over at the heart of the Tiny Kingdom, the invitees to the unveiling of the new Zoo facility are busy exploring. For those without invitations, though, they're making due with the grillmasters in the town square.

That's the recap from Stone Street for today. The sun rises over the Magic Rock in the morning, and anything could happen. You can count on me being here to tell you about it.


  1. Great work with your blog! It's so cool to read about Tiny Village news. Keep breathing life into Village. :)

  2. Thanks Hillary! I adore little projects like this!