Monday, April 30, 2012

Fill 'Em Up!

Today's market is made-to-order for re-stocking your warehouses across the Tiny Kingdom! Stone Street prices have fallen again in a number of critical markets, Rock and Lumber prices are making even the speculators happy! With the recent market high in foodstuffs, the last two days' prices have been such a relief. Even fur prices are coming in below average today!

For anyone with overstocks, there's evidently a bunch of money to be made in selling stones today. Wood and Lumber prices are above average, too.

Who knows how low the rock prices will fall, but they're really tumbling this week. Rumors say they could get a bit lower before they recover.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rock Soup Anyone?

Let me give you the good news: Buy Rocks. They're near a market low today! But you're going to be wishing you could eat them when you see what the price of food shot up to - and for this market watcher, it's a pterodactyl-screeching new market high. The price today for stones is also the highest price I have seen.

Analysts are not sure what caused this unexpected spike in food and stone, but I'm wondering if it isn't being caused by all the building going on across the Tiny Kingdom for the Wonders of the World. They use stone, and lots of it. And the hungry workers, well, run on food.

For anyone with severely overstocked warehouses, the sell prices for Woven Fur and Lumber are above average. Not enough above average to make a speculator smile, though. (You know that smile I'm talking about!)

I'm going to eat left-overs and hope the price of food comes down tomorrow. Until next time, I'll see you around Stone Street with a brown bag lunch!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Market in Frenzy Over Food and Woven Fur

When the Dino roared at the end of the day today on Stone Street, it had been a lackluster day. Nobody was buying, hardly anyone was selling. Everyone was hoping.

The lack of movement must have loosened something, because when the prices were posted, Food was selling for a new market low at 400 gold per thousand. Traders gasped and there were a few hoots and hollers. When the last rock was turned and the new price for Woven Furs was also just above market low, the entire Market Central went up in a roar.

Coins started jingling, conversations buzzed in planning for the next 24 hours so loudly you had to yell to be heard, and Oh, the glory of it all!

We are so happy to see these essentials at bargain prices we aren't even speculating what caused this little windfall. Now the biggest problem is going to be how many perishables can be stored for how long. Here, have a fine Iced Pineapple Tea with me! And don't overlook a nicely priced rock market in your Food and Woven Fur excitement!

One thing's for sure, it's only going to last 24 hours. Make your plans, bring your money, and hold on tight, it's going to be a wild ride today as Villages stock up on Food and Wovens! The sundial will start moving at sun-up on a frenzy at Stone Street!

Monday, April 16, 2012

New Records Set Amid Questions

Buyers are holding on to their money today across the Tiny Kingdom as the prices on Stone Street soar. Both Furs and Wovens set new market highs for their asking prices today.

You'd think the sellers market would be good with such news, but mystery that Stone Street is, the only above average selling price is for rocks.

Shopkeepers and Tiny Village Elders are wondering who is pocketing the difference. It's a good question. When you can't buy Woven goods for less than 6960 per thousand, and if you needed to sell it, the price is only 1650 per thousand.

Brilliant Readers, I'm going to leave the exact arithmetic up to you, but I'll give you a hint - it starts with an investigation and it ends in prison.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Fur Sets New Record High

We're facing the highest price for Furs that this market watcher has ever seen as the market closed today! We're hoping for no late frost so we need no more coats while the prices remain high.

Wood and Food prices are still a bit below average, but definitely on the rise, while Lumber is back up. Shop keepers and buyers are passing their time remembering better days at market, sipping tea.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Agriculture Excesses Bring Prices Down in Grown Commodities

Stockpiles of Wood, Lumber, and Food have driven market prices down to below average prices. While some are still hoping for a better break in loads of lumber, it's not the Dino-high prices we saw last week's end. Across the board for the rest of the goods traded in the markets, it was ho-hum Hilda time. Shops who must have stuff will pay those prices, but not many others are willing.

Across the Tiny Kingdom, everyone is getting ready for the Cherry Blossom Festival, which leaves the market a little unsteady with these high demands. We'll see what the morrow brings when the Dino roars at the end of the day on Stone Street.

Market Waits For ...Something

As the market day continues on Stone Street, everyone's still complaining about the prices. Those with money to buy are not spending it. Rock, Lumber and Woven goods are just under average, but not low enough for any buying sprees. Stone and Wood are just above average, and Food and Fur are looking a bit high.

Sellers are trading out their extra supplies of furs and woven goods with a little above average rates.

The anticipation around here is high, either for a change in the prices at the end of the day in just a couple hours, or maybe it's the Cherry Blossom Festival that is causing it.

Across the road, I can see the Cherry Trees in bloom. Now, how can I make any money from all those dropped blooms when they fall...?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Singin' the Stone Street Blues

Stone Street closed today amid a selling market that looked like Rupert's plate at the end of dinner; slim pickins. Buyers were not all that enthused, either. Lumber and Woven goods are a bit lower than yesterday, and while a bit below average, you can tell the power buyers are not ready to buy yet.

Rock is a good price, and will keep some stone cutter factories in business.

The best minds are failing to propose theories to explain the high food price again, and merchants everywhere are holding their breath lest the lumber market go up again, instead of continuing it's small downward trend. Maybe the lack of buyers will help push those prices down to the profit-making range again. Soon!

We're still finding the few left over hidden eggs from the holidays in the strangest places, but other than that, everything seems quiet across the Tiny Kingdom as Tiny Villages put themselves to work to pay for all the amazing Wonders of the World. Until the Dino roars at the end of the day on Stone Street tomorrow, that's all there is to tell at this market!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wood Fur You, But No Chocolate

You can hide the sweets, you can find the sweets, and you can buy them at the shops, but if you were hoping to stock up on them at market, think again. Foodstuff prices are up over a hundred gold coins since yesterday. Experts point out that every Easter, sweet goods come at a premium.

Speaking of sweets, there's no sign of chocolate shops for sale, either.

The rest of the market news is particularly dull unless you need to buy wood or furs. Wood is near a market low point, and furs are for sale at below average prices.

If you need to buy anything else, get out your fingers, toes, and your stone abacus, and calculate very carefully. Lumber and stones are near-highs, the cost of textiles nearly doubled from yesterday, rock is not a good buy, and I've already complained about edibles.

Even for sellers, the market holds little profit, unless you're supplying rock or chocolate to the trading floor.

I say take the next day off and have a great time with your family. Send the clerks at your shops home, and all of you look for some decorated eggs around the village. There will be time enough to make money after the holiday weekend is over.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Somebunny is Going To Like (Some of) Today's Market News

There's little Village kids running around the Market today in anticipation of the Spring Celebration. You would think this would be the last place in the Tiny Kingdom that they would find something free, but they're young and too innocent to know that.

Today there's more selling going on than buying. Buyers are stocking up on rocks and lumber at decent market low numbers - but the real buy tody is on the Textiles market, where wovens are at a market-low. Lumber and Textiles are both high ticket commodities, and this should provide a nice stockpile for shopkeepers who can afford to buy them up.

On the Sellers side, they're getting top gold coin for stones and fur both; with above average prices for wood and lumber.

It's a great close of a week for the Market. Until the dino roars at the end of the day tomorrow on Stone Street, don't take any fool's gold coins!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Food Buying Perks Up Market

Bakeries are reportedly thrilled with today's price of edibles. Across the Tiny Kingdom, there's rejoicing going on in anticipation of the extra yummies. Take a page out of their notebook and stock up at this well-below price.

We're also seeing loads of buying sprees with rocks near low prices and with lumber and woven goods below average. Stones, wood, and fur are well above average and it's clear that buy orders have fallen way off in them as merchants carefully gauge their bottom line profits against stock on hand.

For those who must move overstocked supply yards, there's mixed news: stones, wood, and furs are doing above average. Woven goods are selling for a just below average price.

Stone Street is perking up, and everyone in the Tiny Kingdom is standing by, poised to profit from the turns. I can't wait to see eggsactly what surprises the close of the week brings to all the Tiny Villages!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mixed Market Makes No Headlines

Stone Street closed to quiet numbers today as the entire Tiny Kingdom ran off to play the new Bingo games. I'm taking a quick break from my Bingo card to file this story, in fact!

Buyers should look at rocks and wood for below average prices. If you're looking to buy most anything else, they're above average, and that means that only the most careful of shop owners will know whether to walk away or nibble at the offerred commodities.

Selling prices are just as unremarkable, except for Foods, which are selling at market-high prices, and furs, which are above market norms.

If only the market was as much fun as BINGO today!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mid-Week Raw Goods Prices Boost Commodities Sales

Surprising mid-week low prices are thrilling some buyers today on Stone Street. Rock and wood are both near a rock-bottom low, while food hovers at a comfortable less than average price. Fur is at a market low, thrilling furriers everywhere.

But Stone Street is rather like life, you can't please everyone. If you're in the market looking to buy produced goods, you're going to be going home empty handed. Stone is at a market high, lumber is very high, and woven goods are sitting high enough to give anyone pause about buying them.

Sellers continue to look downcast with everything on the low side, Rocks and Furs are market-lows. Only stone cutters are getting a small above-average price for sell-offs of overstocked brickyards.

And those are the calls today as Stone Street trading closed and posted new prices. May you and your Village find success somewhere in this news today. I'll be back tomorrow with the Tiny Market news as I see it from the Tiny Kingdom.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Real Estate Boom Continues To Tweak Markets

Last minute buyers zeroed in on produced goods and furs just as Stone Street closed, giving it a much-needed push of positive momentum as the sun sets across the Tiny Kingdom today.

With the new prices to plan for over the next 24 hours, watch the trends in the lumber industry. They're fetching market-high prices today after yesterday's low. It's going to impact local building trades if they didn't stockpile it. You don't want to be anywhere near the asking price of lumber today, it hurts just looking at the posting board!

Expanding Village boundaries are still the talk of Market Street, and real estate prices remain at historic lows. Foods prices have finally reached an affordable price and Tiny Villagers are making sure their stockpiles are full! Other happy buyers are picking up stones and wood.

The Sellers Market looks empty today because of dismal offerings, with the exception of the few quarry owners who are selling overstocked rocks.

That's the recap from Stone Street for today. The sun will rise over your Magic Rock in the morning, and anything could happen. You can count on me being here at the hub of it all to file my closing report again.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Village Production Pushes Stall Some Market Quarters

Dino-loads of wood were sold at a near market low on Stone Street in the past 24 hours. But all good things must come to an end, and this one went out in a blaze of colored fires today when the Markets closed. Wood prices were driven to market highs today by the buying frenzy.

Village expansion is continuing to keep a robust pressure on commodities as the shops across the Tiny Kingdom turn quick profits to generate their much-needed revenue stream. But it's taking it's toll in the Market.

Food prices have been bad enough this week, and there is no respite today for foodstuff buyers. They're even higher than yesterday. Rocks, wood, and the ever volatile wovens are all at market highs, too.

Stones and lumber look like terrific buys right now, likely benefiting from the increased production pushes. Fur is holding steady from yesterday at a middlin' price.

Overstocks are slated for profit on sell orders for rocks, wood, and food. 

There's a lot of people walking in, taking a look at the price boards, shaking their head, and walking out without buying a thing today. Tomorrow, it will change, and they'll be back. Hopefully it will change for the better. Until the dino roars at the end of the day on Stone Street tomorrow, that's the way I see it.