Thursday, April 5, 2012

Food Buying Perks Up Market

Bakeries are reportedly thrilled with today's price of edibles. Across the Tiny Kingdom, there's rejoicing going on in anticipation of the extra yummies. Take a page out of their notebook and stock up at this well-below price.

We're also seeing loads of buying sprees with rocks near low prices and with lumber and woven goods below average. Stones, wood, and fur are well above average and it's clear that buy orders have fallen way off in them as merchants carefully gauge their bottom line profits against stock on hand.

For those who must move overstocked supply yards, there's mixed news: stones, wood, and furs are doing above average. Woven goods are selling for a just below average price.

Stone Street is perking up, and everyone in the Tiny Kingdom is standing by, poised to profit from the turns. I can't wait to see eggsactly what surprises the close of the week brings to all the Tiny Villages!

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