Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Market in Frenzy Over Food and Woven Fur

When the Dino roared at the end of the day today on Stone Street, it had been a lackluster day. Nobody was buying, hardly anyone was selling. Everyone was hoping.

The lack of movement must have loosened something, because when the prices were posted, Food was selling for a new market low at 400 gold per thousand. Traders gasped and there were a few hoots and hollers. When the last rock was turned and the new price for Woven Furs was also just above market low, the entire Market Central went up in a roar.

Coins started jingling, conversations buzzed in planning for the next 24 hours so loudly you had to yell to be heard, and Oh, the glory of it all!

We are so happy to see these essentials at bargain prices we aren't even speculating what caused this little windfall. Now the biggest problem is going to be how many perishables can be stored for how long. Here, have a fine Iced Pineapple Tea with me! And don't overlook a nicely priced rock market in your Food and Woven Fur excitement!

One thing's for sure, it's only going to last 24 hours. Make your plans, bring your money, and hold on tight, it's going to be a wild ride today as Villages stock up on Food and Wovens! The sundial will start moving at sun-up on a frenzy at Stone Street!

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