Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mid-Week Raw Goods Prices Boost Commodities Sales

Surprising mid-week low prices are thrilling some buyers today on Stone Street. Rock and wood are both near a rock-bottom low, while food hovers at a comfortable less than average price. Fur is at a market low, thrilling furriers everywhere.

But Stone Street is rather like life, you can't please everyone. If you're in the market looking to buy produced goods, you're going to be going home empty handed. Stone is at a market high, lumber is very high, and woven goods are sitting high enough to give anyone pause about buying them.

Sellers continue to look downcast with everything on the low side, Rocks and Furs are market-lows. Only stone cutters are getting a small above-average price for sell-offs of overstocked brickyards.

And those are the calls today as Stone Street trading closed and posted new prices. May you and your Village find success somewhere in this news today. I'll be back tomorrow with the Tiny Market news as I see it from the Tiny Kingdom.

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