Monday, April 2, 2012

Real Estate Boom Continues To Tweak Markets

Last minute buyers zeroed in on produced goods and furs just as Stone Street closed, giving it a much-needed push of positive momentum as the sun sets across the Tiny Kingdom today.

With the new prices to plan for over the next 24 hours, watch the trends in the lumber industry. They're fetching market-high prices today after yesterday's low. It's going to impact local building trades if they didn't stockpile it. You don't want to be anywhere near the asking price of lumber today, it hurts just looking at the posting board!

Expanding Village boundaries are still the talk of Market Street, and real estate prices remain at historic lows. Foods prices have finally reached an affordable price and Tiny Villagers are making sure their stockpiles are full! Other happy buyers are picking up stones and wood.

The Sellers Market looks empty today because of dismal offerings, with the exception of the few quarry owners who are selling overstocked rocks.

That's the recap from Stone Street for today. The sun will rise over your Magic Rock in the morning, and anything could happen. You can count on me being here at the hub of it all to file my closing report again.

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