Saturday, April 28, 2012

Rock Soup Anyone?

Let me give you the good news: Buy Rocks. They're near a market low today! But you're going to be wishing you could eat them when you see what the price of food shot up to - and for this market watcher, it's a pterodactyl-screeching new market high. The price today for stones is also the highest price I have seen.

Analysts are not sure what caused this unexpected spike in food and stone, but I'm wondering if it isn't being caused by all the building going on across the Tiny Kingdom for the Wonders of the World. They use stone, and lots of it. And the hungry workers, well, run on food.

For anyone with severely overstocked warehouses, the sell prices for Woven Fur and Lumber are above average. Not enough above average to make a speculator smile, though. (You know that smile I'm talking about!)

I'm going to eat left-overs and hope the price of food comes down tomorrow. Until next time, I'll see you around Stone Street with a brown bag lunch!

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