Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Singin' the Stone Street Blues

Stone Street closed today amid a selling market that looked like Rupert's plate at the end of dinner; slim pickins. Buyers were not all that enthused, either. Lumber and Woven goods are a bit lower than yesterday, and while a bit below average, you can tell the power buyers are not ready to buy yet.

Rock is a good price, and will keep some stone cutter factories in business.

The best minds are failing to propose theories to explain the high food price again, and merchants everywhere are holding their breath lest the lumber market go up again, instead of continuing it's small downward trend. Maybe the lack of buyers will help push those prices down to the profit-making range again. Soon!

We're still finding the few left over hidden eggs from the holidays in the strangest places, but other than that, everything seems quiet across the Tiny Kingdom as Tiny Villages put themselves to work to pay for all the amazing Wonders of the World. Until the Dino roars at the end of the day on Stone Street tomorrow, that's all there is to tell at this market!

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