Sunday, April 1, 2012

Village Production Pushes Stall Some Market Quarters

Dino-loads of wood were sold at a near market low on Stone Street in the past 24 hours. But all good things must come to an end, and this one went out in a blaze of colored fires today when the Markets closed. Wood prices were driven to market highs today by the buying frenzy.

Village expansion is continuing to keep a robust pressure on commodities as the shops across the Tiny Kingdom turn quick profits to generate their much-needed revenue stream. But it's taking it's toll in the Market.

Food prices have been bad enough this week, and there is no respite today for foodstuff buyers. They're even higher than yesterday. Rocks, wood, and the ever volatile wovens are all at market highs, too.

Stones and lumber look like terrific buys right now, likely benefiting from the increased production pushes. Fur is holding steady from yesterday at a middlin' price.

Overstocks are slated for profit on sell orders for rocks, wood, and food. 

There's a lot of people walking in, taking a look at the price boards, shaking their head, and walking out without buying a thing today. Tomorrow, it will change, and they'll be back. Hopefully it will change for the better. Until the dino roars at the end of the day on Stone Street tomorrow, that's the way I see it.

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