Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wood Fur You, But No Chocolate

You can hide the sweets, you can find the sweets, and you can buy them at the shops, but if you were hoping to stock up on them at market, think again. Foodstuff prices are up over a hundred gold coins since yesterday. Experts point out that every Easter, sweet goods come at a premium.

Speaking of sweets, there's no sign of chocolate shops for sale, either.

The rest of the market news is particularly dull unless you need to buy wood or furs. Wood is near a market low point, and furs are for sale at below average prices.

If you need to buy anything else, get out your fingers, toes, and your stone abacus, and calculate very carefully. Lumber and stones are near-highs, the cost of textiles nearly doubled from yesterday, rock is not a good buy, and I've already complained about edibles.

Even for sellers, the market holds little profit, unless you're supplying rock or chocolate to the trading floor.

I say take the next day off and have a great time with your family. Send the clerks at your shops home, and all of you look for some decorated eggs around the village. There will be time enough to make money after the holiday weekend is over.

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