Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Some Prices Dropping Like a...Stone

For the second time this week, we're looking at some incredibly low prices for resources on Stone Street. Yesterday, wood was at a market low - and I guess all the buying drove it up, because it's above average today. Lumber is above average, as well.

But everything else, and I mean *everything* else, is low or lower! Stock the shelves in your pantry, at your stores, in your warehouses, heck, pile them up on your porch. It's time to buy, buy buy!

Rocks are near market low. Stones are very low, too, for a change. Stones haven't been this low in some time, and there were people dancing right there on the trading floor as the price of stone hit the board! Food is below average, and hopefully will fall some more after yesterday's heavy price! Fur is down to a market low, too. Weavers and furriers both are stocking up again. And woven fur has followed suit with a nice below average price.

You really need to just go to the market and see some of these prices for yourself. These prices are good for just over 20 hours, and the clocks are ticking away. It wasn't all that long ago that I was lamenting on how the market kept going higher and higher. Do you think the market heard us complain?!

Until the Pterodactyl screeches at the close of the Markets across the Tiny Kingdom tomorrow, happy shopping! Here, have some hot fried apples with your purchase, I just made them for you.

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Fur is Flying!

While the price of stones fell, it's still above average, leaving the only good news today for the furriers and weavers across the Tiny Kingdom.

Fur is below average, and woven fur is well below average. In fact, woven fur hasn't been this low since the 5th of the month! I suggest we watch for the price to try to go back up for a day and then plummet, because that's exactly what happened the last time the market patterns looked like this.

I'm hoping tomorrow brings better news on Stone Street! Until then, look for me on the park bench, sipping my delicious tea and one of those yummy scones from the new Coffee Shop.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Is it Rock Bottom for Rocks?

OK, I'm not waiting another day for it, I call it. Rock bottom for Rocks today. If the price to buy rocks gets any lower, it's going to set a new record low price. And I just don't see how that can happen in a market where the prices are more up than down. Stock your rock warehouses, Tiny Friends!

Food is below average, but I'm sure it'll be back up soon. I don't think the market price for food has stabilized from the new demands on it. Woven fur is just below average, too. Weavers are going to be happy about that. It's nothing to write home about, but it's the lowest price we've seen for a week.

Although the price of stones fell today, it's still just a bit above average. With rocks so low today, I'm wondering if stones are going to go down some more. We'll know tomorrow, won't we? I really think all these Wonders under construction across the Tiny Kingdom has driven up demand on stones, making the stone market more wonky than usual.

Monday, May 14, 2012

But Who Is Paying For This Party?

Rocks, Lumber, Food, and Fur are all well below average. Rock is flirting with a market low, and if it falls again tomorrow, it likely will be at market low. Everyone parties when lumber gets this low, even the speculators, and with food at 700 per thousand-weight, there's going to be enough food for everyone! Smart furriers are taking advantage of the drop in price because of the warm temperatures, and will stock up now, to meet demands later.

Wood is I don't know how many more times the price of wood can run into the top of the market without setting a record, so watch that carefully.

As woven fur approaches a market high (again) people in the Markets across the Tiny Kingdom are still wondering the same question: Who is pocketing the difference between the price you can sell textiles for and what you can buy them? They sell for 24.40 a ten-bundle and you and I buy it for, 67.20 for that same size bundle. You don't have to pull out your pocket abacus, I've done the TinyMath already, the difference is twice as much as the selling price, 42.80.

Where do I sign up for that job at the market!? Someone's making a dino-load of gold! Until the Ptero-screeches in outrage again at the close of market, I am going to follow the smell of freshly baked apple pie . . .

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rocks For You, Little Else To Do

The price of rocks dropped precipitously today, and who knows where this downward spiral is going to end. You should see the dino-loads of rocks being purchased at the Stone Street Market! Wow!

Every other price is up, some by quite a lot, with wood and food at market highs. We don't know how long the market can sustain these prices, but we're hoping the market correction is right around the corner. I saw many profit-takers planning to sell-off food and woven fur before the high prices drop.

I've got some magic beans to get growing, I hear there might be crystals if I can reach the clouds with one! I'll be back with the news on the morrow when the Ptero screeches at the close of Market!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Fur's a Smart Buy - Everything Else is Just High

Rocks are flirting with a market high at 71 per hundred-piece today, and everything else is up. Some of it substantially. Except for fur; furriers and weavers are going to be pleased with this little dip in prices - it's enough below average to make shop keepers happy.

If you're selling stuff it's your day! Stones, Wood, Lumber, and Woven Fur are all well above average with Lumber approaching a market high selling price. Lucky you with overages in your warehouses!

With significant investments being made in new Comfy Cushions and Fine China shops around the Tiny Kingdom, I suppose it's no wonder prices were driven up today. Watch for more of the same tomorrow before market corrections kick in. But I'll be here tomorrow to report the news from Stone Street Market again!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fried Apples and Fairy Tales

Apple Store owners are happy with the fall in food prices today-this is the lowest price in food since May 2nd. Wood is near a market low price, and lumber is below average. So there's plenty of stocking up potential for bare warehouse shelves today.

Market volatility continues to be the watchword in price trends. It's above average, it's below average - it's nearly half one day then back up to a high price the next. You name it, there's a commodity doing it.

So my money is on staying home and telling Fairy Tales by the campfire! I'll be checking out any news tomorrow at the close of Stone Street.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Buy Orders Flood the Market Floor

Here's your chance to fill up those little corners in your warehouses! There's near bottom price for Rocks. Wood is well below average, as is lumber and woven fur. And with fur prices on the rise already, Woven goods are going to follow. stock up while you can.

Food and fur are above average, and stone is near a market high. There's no relief there for depleted shop resources. Look for a little market correction in those tomorrow.

Increased fruit production to keep up with the new demands should be coming in to the market sporadically. But it's anyone's guess where these prices are going to stabilize.

I hear the Stone Street Market has kept administrative staff late tonight until all the paper-work of the day is processed. Nobody gets to go home until it's all done! Be sure to get your Market Orders in early for the close of market tomorrow! Until then, I'm going to enjoy some nice warm fried apples this lovely Spring evening...!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Around Average

The Stone Street Ptero
Well, we've got a mixed bag of news today on Stone Street today. Rocks are a bit below average but up. Stones are up, too, and just a bit above average. Wood took a 200 gold dive on a thousand-weight during the day, making it just over average. The news on lumber is it went down by a lot, and is now sporting a below average price. But foodstuffs are up, and that's not going to make any fruit store owners very happy. Fur took a hefty hike, too. But woven fur is well below average and will make some textile-needing shopkeeps pretty happy.

The only long-term rumors that are holding much credence today are for furs, and they're headed for a climb as weavers start cranking out enough woven goods for new summer fashions. Which means woven fur will be climbing a day or so behind the fur market. And with all the new records in market high prices we have seen the past several weeks, look for a great deal of volatility in prices, especially in the produced commodities.

Watch the stone markets carefully, they will be laboring to keep up with all the demands of those popular new crystal shops. Although for cost of the raw goods alone, I'm going to be keeping my profit in my own shops, and not shoving stones down the voracious mouth of a crystal store.

And that's today's news as the Pterodactyl screeched at the close of market today on Stone Street. I'll be back with more news as I see it on the morrow! Til then, be sure to get your Bingo marker on the right square!

Thursday, May 3, 2012


After the low prices earlier this week, it looks like the market is headed up again, bringing investors brighter days, and buyers frustrating moments. Except for wood, which is near a market low at 54 gold per hundred, and buyers are stocking up on wood. You know what that means, the price will be driven up tomorrow, right?

For today's buyers: Rocks, food, and lumber are a bit above average. Stones set a new record high for me today, while Fur and Woven fur are both flirting with the top end of the market, so buy them with caution.

But high prices means there's a bit of profit-taking to be had on the other end. Overstocked stone and fur are making their marks in some brisk sales.

Until the Ptero screeches at the end of market tomorrow, you'll find me playing BINGO over at the community center!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Buy Low - Sell High

Rock prices continued their tumble to land at a market low of 40 per hundred today when the Pteradactyl screeched! After all the buying and stocking that's been going on, I'm expecting Stone Street to rally hard with a high price for rocks. If you have the room and the cash, today is likely your last day to stock up on rocks.

There's a lot of stone buying, which is affordable but just above average; as well as purchases of foodstuffs and woven fur, which are both chalking up below average prices. Merchants are stockpiling against higher prices.

Wood is at a market high price again, lumber and fur are both near high. Only the desperate are buying those today.

Overstocked warehouses and speculators are selling stone, near the record high price, and lumber, which is priced well above average. Wood and food are above average, but not enough to attract speculators

Stone Street has been a wild ride-and with this many low prices, it's going to likely be in for some more wild days. My advice? Buy low, sell high!