Sunday, May 6, 2012

Around Average

The Stone Street Ptero
Well, we've got a mixed bag of news today on Stone Street today. Rocks are a bit below average but up. Stones are up, too, and just a bit above average. Wood took a 200 gold dive on a thousand-weight during the day, making it just over average. The news on lumber is it went down by a lot, and is now sporting a below average price. But foodstuffs are up, and that's not going to make any fruit store owners very happy. Fur took a hefty hike, too. But woven fur is well below average and will make some textile-needing shopkeeps pretty happy.

The only long-term rumors that are holding much credence today are for furs, and they're headed for a climb as weavers start cranking out enough woven goods for new summer fashions. Which means woven fur will be climbing a day or so behind the fur market. And with all the new records in market high prices we have seen the past several weeks, look for a great deal of volatility in prices, especially in the produced commodities.

Watch the stone markets carefully, they will be laboring to keep up with all the demands of those popular new crystal shops. Although for cost of the raw goods alone, I'm going to be keeping my profit in my own shops, and not shoving stones down the voracious mouth of a crystal store.

And that's today's news as the Pterodactyl screeched at the close of market today on Stone Street. I'll be back with more news as I see it on the morrow! Til then, be sure to get your Bingo marker on the right square!

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