Monday, May 14, 2012

But Who Is Paying For This Party?

Rocks, Lumber, Food, and Fur are all well below average. Rock is flirting with a market low, and if it falls again tomorrow, it likely will be at market low. Everyone parties when lumber gets this low, even the speculators, and with food at 700 per thousand-weight, there's going to be enough food for everyone! Smart furriers are taking advantage of the drop in price because of the warm temperatures, and will stock up now, to meet demands later.

Wood is I don't know how many more times the price of wood can run into the top of the market without setting a record, so watch that carefully.

As woven fur approaches a market high (again) people in the Markets across the Tiny Kingdom are still wondering the same question: Who is pocketing the difference between the price you can sell textiles for and what you can buy them? They sell for 24.40 a ten-bundle and you and I buy it for, 67.20 for that same size bundle. You don't have to pull out your pocket abacus, I've done the TinyMath already, the difference is twice as much as the selling price, 42.80.

Where do I sign up for that job at the market!? Someone's making a dino-load of gold! Until the Ptero-screeches in outrage again at the close of market, I am going to follow the smell of freshly baked apple pie . . .

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