Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Buy Low - Sell High

Rock prices continued their tumble to land at a market low of 40 per hundred today when the Pteradactyl screeched! After all the buying and stocking that's been going on, I'm expecting Stone Street to rally hard with a high price for rocks. If you have the room and the cash, today is likely your last day to stock up on rocks.

There's a lot of stone buying, which is affordable but just above average; as well as purchases of foodstuffs and woven fur, which are both chalking up below average prices. Merchants are stockpiling against higher prices.

Wood is at a market high price again, lumber and fur are both near high. Only the desperate are buying those today.

Overstocked warehouses and speculators are selling stone, near the record high price, and lumber, which is priced well above average. Wood and food are above average, but not enough to attract speculators

Stone Street has been a wild ride-and with this many low prices, it's going to likely be in for some more wild days. My advice? Buy low, sell high!

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