Monday, May 7, 2012

Buy Orders Flood the Market Floor

Here's your chance to fill up those little corners in your warehouses! There's near bottom price for Rocks. Wood is well below average, as is lumber and woven fur. And with fur prices on the rise already, Woven goods are going to follow. stock up while you can.

Food and fur are above average, and stone is near a market high. There's no relief there for depleted shop resources. Look for a little market correction in those tomorrow.

Increased fruit production to keep up with the new demands should be coming in to the market sporadically. But it's anyone's guess where these prices are going to stabilize.

I hear the Stone Street Market has kept administrative staff late tonight until all the paper-work of the day is processed. Nobody gets to go home until it's all done! Be sure to get your Market Orders in early for the close of market tomorrow! Until then, I'm going to enjoy some nice warm fried apples this lovely Spring evening...!

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