Friday, May 11, 2012

Fur's a Smart Buy - Everything Else is Just High

Rocks are flirting with a market high at 71 per hundred-piece today, and everything else is up. Some of it substantially. Except for fur; furriers and weavers are going to be pleased with this little dip in prices - it's enough below average to make shop keepers happy.

If you're selling stuff it's your day! Stones, Wood, Lumber, and Woven Fur are all well above average with Lumber approaching a market high selling price. Lucky you with overages in your warehouses!

With significant investments being made in new Comfy Cushions and Fine China shops around the Tiny Kingdom, I suppose it's no wonder prices were driven up today. Watch for more of the same tomorrow before market corrections kick in. But I'll be here tomorrow to report the news from Stone Street Market again!

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