Thursday, May 3, 2012


After the low prices earlier this week, it looks like the market is headed up again, bringing investors brighter days, and buyers frustrating moments. Except for wood, which is near a market low at 54 gold per hundred, and buyers are stocking up on wood. You know what that means, the price will be driven up tomorrow, right?

For today's buyers: Rocks, food, and lumber are a bit above average. Stones set a new record high for me today, while Fur and Woven fur are both flirting with the top end of the market, so buy them with caution.

But high prices means there's a bit of profit-taking to be had on the other end. Overstocked stone and fur are making their marks in some brisk sales.

Until the Ptero screeches at the end of market tomorrow, you'll find me playing BINGO over at the community center!


  1. totally random question here but i couldn't find anywhere else to ask it. Do youknow what the conversion is for rocks to stones?

  2. Sure do, Vicky - 2 rocks takes about 1 minute to make 1 stone.