Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Some Prices Dropping Like a...Stone

For the second time this week, we're looking at some incredibly low prices for resources on Stone Street. Yesterday, wood was at a market low - and I guess all the buying drove it up, because it's above average today. Lumber is above average, as well.

But everything else, and I mean *everything* else, is low or lower! Stock the shelves in your pantry, at your stores, in your warehouses, heck, pile them up on your porch. It's time to buy, buy buy!

Rocks are near market low. Stones are very low, too, for a change. Stones haven't been this low in some time, and there were people dancing right there on the trading floor as the price of stone hit the board! Food is below average, and hopefully will fall some more after yesterday's heavy price! Fur is down to a market low, too. Weavers and furriers both are stocking up again. And woven fur has followed suit with a nice below average price.

You really need to just go to the market and see some of these prices for yourself. These prices are good for just over 20 hours, and the clocks are ticking away. It wasn't all that long ago that I was lamenting on how the market kept going higher and higher. Do you think the market heard us complain?!

Until the Pterodactyl screeches at the close of the Markets across the Tiny Kingdom tomorrow, happy shopping! Here, have some hot fried apples with your purchase, I just made them for you.

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