Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fireworks Shop-Is It For You?

Oh boy! Fireworks!

When I walked into the shop, in addition to being SO cute and colorful, I knew that the Fireworks Store was a GREAT shop because the first thing I noticed was the HUGE sign:

Handle all Fireworks with Care. We have done our best to make them safe & sane, but please follow directions to avoid injuries and property damage.

So they're concerned about us. What great customer service! These days when you can get ~dangerous~ fireworks from the black marketers' trunks of stone vehicles, this is quite a comfort.

If you're considering this shop as a franchise in your village, you'll want to read on. I'm evaluating the level 25 shop, since it is going to affect the most people and offer the best long-term outlook.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Tempermental Market Prices Fluxuate with the Temperature

Rocks are well below average (at 430/thousand) and headed further down tomorrow - then they're bouncing clear up to the top market record.

Stones are above average (at 3,660/thousand), but will fall the next two days.

Wood is at a market high today (at 850/thousand), and is going to hang there for another day before buyers have some respite.

Lumber is well below average (at 3,720/thousand), but stock up today, you aren't going to see anything below 4,000 for days.

Food is below average (at 700/thousand) and is going to waffle around the average point for a few days.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Shop, Stock, and Buy

So here's another market day where prices are below average except for one. Stock your shelves, warehouses, and stores over the next 23.5 hours.

Rock is very low at 460/thousand. Expect it to go lower than this the first of the week, but it'll go up first.

Stone is making a climb at 2,190/thousand, up some from that darling low of yesterday. It's still below average, and looks like it will stay low for another day.

Wood is right at average at 670/thousand. I think the loggers have finally caught up with the camping needs!

Lumber is below average with a price of 4,420/thousand. It's going to stay below average all weekend and into the first of the week. Instrument shops should be running at enjoyable profits at this price!

Food is above average at 910/thousand, but when has that ever stopped anyone from eating!?

Fur is just below average with a price of 810/thousand. It's going to stay in this range and then get lower at the first of the week. It's time now to start thinking about your winter coat needs, I think.

LAST CALL Market Action Alert

Today's Stone Price is a repeat of the awesome low price of 4 weeks ago. The only time we've seen a lower price on stones was the middle of April at 1600/thousand and the end of March at 1,490/thousand. I don't think the market is ever going back there, at least not the way it's been headed since April.

Stock up. Use them for any serious upgrading or building you need to do.

When the market resets in approx 90 minutes, (at midnight GMT/UDT) it's not a difficult call to make that it will be higher, and you probably won't see this price again for at least 2 weeks.

and Food are also sporting below average prices. Stock up while the prices are low!

This BUY ALERT was brought to you by your local Scooter Lot Franchise Association.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Stock Up While Prices Are Down

When the Pterodactyl screeched at the close of market, we could see it is going to be another stock-the-warehouses day with 5 of 7 commodities below average prices! Some of the prices are well below average. If you missed the UPGRADE day, then you might want to take advantage of a Magic Rock upgrade today with these good prices.

Rock is near the market low threshold at 470/1000. We're hoping it holds near this for one more day!

Stones are just above average at 2,790/1000. That's still plenty of room for Sculpture, Scooter Lot Operators and Cushion Shops to make loads of profit, though. As usual, luxury shops (Tuxes/Fancy, and Art series) are already in the red at this cost.

Wood is at a market low of 520/1000 for the second day in a row. Don't expect this to last, though! Get any wood you need today at this price, it gets no cheaper than this unless you cut it yourself.

Lumber is below average at 4,500/1000. Stock up to see yourself through tomorrow, too.

is 960/1000, which is above average. Merchants who rely on food will still be running at a profit, some shops more than others. Watch for a dip after this spike when some expected harvests come tumbling in to market.

Fur is well below average at 650/1000, and headed down.

Woven fur is 4750/1000, just below average. It's going to hover in this range for a few days, which will be a boon to Terra Trainers, but not low enough to help those fancy shops (art, tux/fancy) turn a profit. (I know, what else is new?)

I'll be here when the Pterodactyl screeches at the close of Stone Street Market tomorrow with the news, too - whether it's up or down. I can smell some apples cooking, I'm off to buy some dessert to take home for dinner.

Monday, June 18, 2012

LAST CALL - Upgrade Day at Market

In less than 3 hours, (at midnight GMT/UDT) a very favorable buyer's market for all resources except for fur is going to close. You and I both know that this isn't going to last past the close of market today!

In short, 6 of the 7 Market Resources are below average right now. Two of them are extremely low, Woven fur (bottoming out at 2,900/1000) and Lumber at 3,300/1000.

A neighboring village, Saratheterra, declared it UPGRADE DAY, and I thought that was BRILLIANT! Give their villagers some props while they work on their TITAN level Magic Rock upgrade over the next few days.

Get your market orders in now and upgrade your magic rock - then restock your warehouses. Days like this only come once in a .... Stone Street Moon.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mostly Good Market News

The Pterodactyl screeched at the close of Stone Street Market today and there were sighs of relief from buyers as the new prices were posted.

Relief arrived in the Rock market with a below average price of 480/thousand.

Stone prices fell again to well below market average with a price of 2,350/thousand. Stock up!

Wood is very high at 800/thousand, but it looks like it's headed down...down...down. Will it bottom out at the market low of 520? That's going to be the question over the next few days. (If you're curious, I'm in the 'yes' camp on that question.)

The lumber outlook is encouraging, it's still around average at 5,260/thousand. But smart money says it'll be even lower in 24 hours.

Food dropped a bit to 840/thousand; I think it's going to hover around average for a couple days.

Fur is below average again at 740/thousand, but look for a spike tomorrow.

Woven fur is a bit above average, 5,330/thousand, but is expected to sink nearly to market low prices by the time tomorrow's prices are posted. THEN is the time to buy, not today.

There's only two real markets that will feel the sting with these prices, Wood and Woven fur. I'd suggest that woven goods shops take a vacation ... but then they'll have to buy wood to burn at their camps, so I think they better take a STAYcation this week.

I'm going to the Beach, where I can gather my own wood. Right after I get my market orders for the prices worth warehousing!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sometimes the Market is a Bear, Sometimes the Bear is Dinner!

There are some winners and some losers at the closing of Stone Street Market today. Rocks are hitting ... bottom! Enjoy the low prices, and stock up today and tomorrow, when forecasts indicate the price could fall to match the record low before it's over.

Stones are well above average tho. There could be a price dip before those prices head up, potentially all the way to the all-time market high record for stones.

Lumber, food, and fur are very low, but won't remain there long, Woven fur is flirting with the top of market price. I sure hope you don't need any!

As always, today's prices disappear at midnight GMT/UDT - and we'll see what the Stone Street Ptero will be screeching about tomorrow! It's sure that something will interest you.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Market Correction Means It's a Good Time To Buy

With rocks continuing a drop, there's speculation that the price is going to hit rock bottom in a couple days. The market low price of record is 400/thousand, so watch for that, and get your storehouses ready!

Stones dipped to above average today and there was cheering in some parts of Stone Street! Tip says wait 2 more days and it'll drop even more.

There was temporary relief on wood prices today, but stock up if you're going to need any in the next few days, while wood supplies get a little tight.

Lumber is nice and low, and might get even a little lower tomorrow before rebounding like Rupert on a bungee! Enjoy the ride!

Finally, there was respite in the food market, whichis going to be a bit under average for several days. Bakers are going to be thrilled with the price of apples. Remember, they store well.

Fur is below average, too; and headed down.

Woven fur is just above average, but the price is bouncing around like a toddler.

So it's all good news here from the center of the Tiny Kingdom! I hope your Tiny Villages all benefit from the lower prices while they're watching all that magic stuff happening in the skies at night. After stocking up on some critical commodities of my own, I'll be watching Stone Street with everyone else when the Ptero screeches at the close of market tomorrow!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Balancing Risk

Trading at Market Prices is all about minimizing risk, just like any other sort of investment. While Stone Street goes up and down like a Yo-Yo, you've still got stores to keep in business and warehouses to stock.

are very low today - it's time to stock up! We're hoping these low prices for the next few days will also help the demand for stone.

Stones, the building blocks of ... cushions everywhere ... are going to be around average in price today and tomorrow, but then watch for a spike. The stone supply chain is struggling to keep up with demand.

If you're going camping and need extra wood, you're going to be paying around average today. This is another niche in the market that is acting like a roller coaster, and I'm thinking it is because it's camp season.

Lumber is just above average, but headed down. Instrument store owners will be glad to see these prices, and even more pleased tomorrow.

The outlook for Apple Shop owners is good today with food prices near average. Although, they're headed up again, so smart business people are stocking up during the next 24 hours for 5 days worth of food (or as much as they have room for!).

Fur is below average, and woven fur is up. Watch for woven fur to go down tomorrow after the couple days of below average prices on fur.

I'm taking off for a few nights under the stars, and packing up some of my favorite camping activities to take with me. I wish you good profits and an easy day of trading on Stone Street until I get back.

Market Close Outlook

With only 4 hours and change to go before the market closes, here's a reminder to get your Stone Street Orders posted and processed.

Currently, Fur and Woven fur both have well below average prices. Experts are hoping for even lower prices at the beginning of next week for Wovens, though.

Much to the relief of major store chains, stone prices fell, and should hover around average for a few more days.

The rest of the market news is that prices are on the high side. Until the Pterodactyl screeches in relief at the end of the day on Stone Street ... be careful out there!