Saturday, June 2, 2012

Balancing Risk

Trading at Market Prices is all about minimizing risk, just like any other sort of investment. While Stone Street goes up and down like a Yo-Yo, you've still got stores to keep in business and warehouses to stock.

are very low today - it's time to stock up! We're hoping these low prices for the next few days will also help the demand for stone.

Stones, the building blocks of ... cushions everywhere ... are going to be around average in price today and tomorrow, but then watch for a spike. The stone supply chain is struggling to keep up with demand.

If you're going camping and need extra wood, you're going to be paying around average today. This is another niche in the market that is acting like a roller coaster, and I'm thinking it is because it's camp season.

Lumber is just above average, but headed down. Instrument store owners will be glad to see these prices, and even more pleased tomorrow.

The outlook for Apple Shop owners is good today with food prices near average. Although, they're headed up again, so smart business people are stocking up during the next 24 hours for 5 days worth of food (or as much as they have room for!).

Fur is below average, and woven fur is up. Watch for woven fur to go down tomorrow after the couple days of below average prices on fur.

I'm taking off for a few nights under the stars, and packing up some of my favorite camping activities to take with me. I wish you good profits and an easy day of trading on Stone Street until I get back.

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