Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fireworks Shop-Is It For You?

Oh boy! Fireworks!

When I walked into the shop, in addition to being SO cute and colorful, I knew that the Fireworks Store was a GREAT shop because the first thing I noticed was the HUGE sign:

Handle all Fireworks with Care. We have done our best to make them safe & sane, but please follow directions to avoid injuries and property damage.

So they're concerned about us. What great customer service! These days when you can get ~dangerous~ fireworks from the black marketers' trunks of stone vehicles, this is quite a comfort.

If you're considering this shop as a franchise in your village, you'll want to read on. I'm evaluating the level 25 shop, since it is going to affect the most people and offer the best long-term outlook.

You will find it has more profit than a House of Mirrors, but less than the Camp Activities investment. However, it results in less experience than either the House of Mirrors or the Camp Activities shops. Which puzzled me, because fireworks are SUCH an awesome experience! (Can I get a YAY on that?)

The returns on this Fireworks Shop are similar to the (499 crystal) Fancy Accessories Shop which is available for purchase once your village has passed it's level 30 test. Except that you will never lose money in this shop when you purchase your resources at market. (Until rocks cost more than 7+times the maximum market high you'll be safe from that red ink.) You can look at all the details on the wiki page.

But just think ... fireworks year 'round right in your own village. It might be worth the 138 crystal investment for that alone! That it makes money, too, is the icing on the cake.

What do you think? Will you franchise this shop for your village?

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