Friday, June 22, 2012

LAST CALL Market Action Alert

Today's Stone Price is a repeat of the awesome low price of 4 weeks ago. The only time we've seen a lower price on stones was the middle of April at 1600/thousand and the end of March at 1,490/thousand. I don't think the market is ever going back there, at least not the way it's been headed since April.

Stock up. Use them for any serious upgrading or building you need to do.

When the market resets in approx 90 minutes, (at midnight GMT/UDT) it's not a difficult call to make that it will be higher, and you probably won't see this price again for at least 2 weeks.

and Food are also sporting below average prices. Stock up while the prices are low!

This BUY ALERT was brought to you by your local Scooter Lot Franchise Association.

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