Monday, June 18, 2012

LAST CALL - Upgrade Day at Market

In less than 3 hours, (at midnight GMT/UDT) a very favorable buyer's market for all resources except for fur is going to close. You and I both know that this isn't going to last past the close of market today!

In short, 6 of the 7 Market Resources are below average right now. Two of them are extremely low, Woven fur (bottoming out at 2,900/1000) and Lumber at 3,300/1000.

A neighboring village, Saratheterra, declared it UPGRADE DAY, and I thought that was BRILLIANT! Give their villagers some props while they work on their TITAN level Magic Rock upgrade over the next few days.

Get your market orders in now and upgrade your magic rock - then restock your warehouses. Days like this only come once in a .... Stone Street Moon.

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