Sunday, June 10, 2012

Market Correction Means It's a Good Time To Buy

With rocks continuing a drop, there's speculation that the price is going to hit rock bottom in a couple days. The market low price of record is 400/thousand, so watch for that, and get your storehouses ready!

Stones dipped to above average today and there was cheering in some parts of Stone Street! Tip says wait 2 more days and it'll drop even more.

There was temporary relief on wood prices today, but stock up if you're going to need any in the next few days, while wood supplies get a little tight.

Lumber is nice and low, and might get even a little lower tomorrow before rebounding like Rupert on a bungee! Enjoy the ride!

Finally, there was respite in the food market, whichis going to be a bit under average for several days. Bakers are going to be thrilled with the price of apples. Remember, they store well.

Fur is below average, too; and headed down.

Woven fur is just above average, but the price is bouncing around like a toddler.

So it's all good news here from the center of the Tiny Kingdom! I hope your Tiny Villages all benefit from the lower prices while they're watching all that magic stuff happening in the skies at night. After stocking up on some critical commodities of my own, I'll be watching Stone Street with everyone else when the Ptero screeches at the close of market tomorrow!

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