Saturday, June 16, 2012

Mostly Good Market News

The Pterodactyl screeched at the close of Stone Street Market today and there were sighs of relief from buyers as the new prices were posted.

Relief arrived in the Rock market with a below average price of 480/thousand.

Stone prices fell again to well below market average with a price of 2,350/thousand. Stock up!

Wood is very high at 800/thousand, but it looks like it's headed down...down...down. Will it bottom out at the market low of 520? That's going to be the question over the next few days. (If you're curious, I'm in the 'yes' camp on that question.)

The lumber outlook is encouraging, it's still around average at 5,260/thousand. But smart money says it'll be even lower in 24 hours.

Food dropped a bit to 840/thousand; I think it's going to hover around average for a couple days.

Fur is below average again at 740/thousand, but look for a spike tomorrow.

Woven fur is a bit above average, 5,330/thousand, but is expected to sink nearly to market low prices by the time tomorrow's prices are posted. THEN is the time to buy, not today.

There's only two real markets that will feel the sting with these prices, Wood and Woven fur. I'd suggest that woven goods shops take a vacation ... but then they'll have to buy wood to burn at their camps, so I think they better take a STAYcation this week.

I'm going to the Beach, where I can gather my own wood. Right after I get my market orders for the prices worth warehousing!

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