Friday, June 22, 2012

Shop, Stock, and Buy

So here's another market day where prices are below average except for one. Stock your shelves, warehouses, and stores over the next 23.5 hours.

Rock is very low at 460/thousand. Expect it to go lower than this the first of the week, but it'll go up first.

Stone is making a climb at 2,190/thousand, up some from that darling low of yesterday. It's still below average, and looks like it will stay low for another day.

Wood is right at average at 670/thousand. I think the loggers have finally caught up with the camping needs!

Lumber is below average with a price of 4,420/thousand. It's going to stay below average all weekend and into the first of the week. Instrument shops should be running at enjoyable profits at this price!

Food is above average at 910/thousand, but when has that ever stopped anyone from eating!?

Fur is just below average with a price of 810/thousand. It's going to stay in this range and then get lower at the first of the week. It's time now to start thinking about your winter coat needs, I think.

Woven Fur is priced below average at 4,290/thousand. Terra Trainer shops will be happy. Stock up now, though, it begins to climb tomorrow ... and then steeply rockets up the beginning of the week.

We've all enjoyed favorable market prices for a while, so keep an eye on the market while you're on your road trip, you and I both know this won't last long! It's all pretty good news today as the Pterodactyl screeched at the close of business on Stone Street.

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