Monday, June 11, 2012

Sometimes the Market is a Bear, Sometimes the Bear is Dinner!

There are some winners and some losers at the closing of Stone Street Market today. Rocks are hitting ... bottom! Enjoy the low prices, and stock up today and tomorrow, when forecasts indicate the price could fall to match the record low before it's over.

Stones are well above average tho. There could be a price dip before those prices head up, potentially all the way to the all-time market high record for stones.

Lumber, food, and fur are very low, but won't remain there long, Woven fur is flirting with the top of market price. I sure hope you don't need any!

As always, today's prices disappear at midnight GMT/UDT - and we'll see what the Stone Street Ptero will be screeching about tomorrow! It's sure that something will interest you.

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