Monday, June 25, 2012

Tempermental Market Prices Fluxuate with the Temperature

Rocks are well below average (at 430/thousand) and headed further down tomorrow - then they're bouncing clear up to the top market record.

Stones are above average (at 3,660/thousand), but will fall the next two days.

Wood is at a market high today (at 850/thousand), and is going to hang there for another day before buyers have some respite.

Lumber is well below average (at 3,720/thousand), but stock up today, you aren't going to see anything below 4,000 for days.

Food is below average (at 700/thousand) and is going to waffle around the average point for a few days.

Fur is below average (at 730/thousand) and headed way up. Watch for it to tie the market high price in a couple days. Stock up now if you need furs.

Woven fur is way above average (at 6,720/thousand) but not breaking any records. You've got to be really desperate to buy it at this price. Wait for tomorrow.

And that's how it looked as the new prices were scribbled up on the boards today on Stone Street. The screech of the Pterodactyl signaled the last buy orders and the posting of these new prices. I'm watching an upgrade to the Magic Rock in our village and bringing goodies to the workers as they fix it up, in hopes that it will turn out beautiful this time!

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