Monday, July 16, 2012

BAM! 3 High Price Records Set At Market

Ouch! It is going to be a brutal day at market. The Pterodactyl screeched, bringing the market day for one day to an end, and starting a new trading day. Suddenly, I swear, it screeched again as we watched in disbelief while one... two... three... high price records fell and were replaced by numbers never seen before on Stone Street. The scary part is, someone may have to pay those prices just to survive.

Stone, Wood, and Woven Fur
all have new high prices as of today. Before you purchase any of those resources at Market Price, be sure to check your shops' break even points. The Red Ink List is very long today. (It's at the end of this article)

There are still other bargains to buy, though, while savvy Stone Street Buyers are left wondering, once more, why they can't sell their stacks of resources for the same price the Market charges. Who is pocketing the incredible markup on Market Commodities? Who is controlling the Market Prices on the backs of Villagers everywhere in the Tiny Kingdom?

Today's Price Board

Rock is only 430/thousand, near the market low price.

Stones set a new high price at 4,140/thousand today. No high price records were set for selling your stones, though, of course. The week-long outlook for stone prices looks rocky, with even worse territory than today ahead of us, potentially.

Wood also set a new high price of 880/thousand. How long will it take for the lumber market to reflect higher prices, too?

Lumber today, irony of ironies, is near a market low price of 3,390. Stock up. You aren't going to see a price like this for well over a very jumpy week.

Food is down to a nice low 660/thousand.

Fur, too, is near the market low at 550/thousand, and at the height of harvests, we're expecting this price to fall some more.

Woven fur was the third record-setting high price today at 7,860/thousand. It jumped almost 3000 coins in price in one day. Don't buy any. Go make a smoothie and sit in the shade of your Magic Rock. Give your workers a holiday and spin them a story how it's a good thing that nobody is going to be paid.

Red Ink Report for the Next 24 Hours

The following shops are operating at a loss at these market prices. The number in parenthesis is how many recipes are losing your money for you if you purchase the resources for it at today's market prices.
Toymaker Store (2)
Sculpture Stores (3)
Terra Trainers (3)
Art series stores (3)
Tux/Fancy Series Stores (3)
Fine China Stores (3)
Hiking Store (2)
Magic Emporium 4 (1)
Magic Emporium 18 (1)
Magic Emporium 30 (3)

** Remember
some shops almost always run at a loss, like the Education series and most of the shops and workshops for the Wonders of the World Challenges.

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