Thursday, July 26, 2012

Breaking News: Starlilly66 Village Files For Bankruptcy

This is Elizabeth Emerald reporting live from the TVCO News Room. I have just received disturbing news from our field reporter, Scott Stone, who confirmed that Starlilly66's Village has filed for bankruptcy due to the high rise in market resources that began last week.

Rumor has it that Rupert Rock and Regina Ruby pooled all their resources together and partnered up weeks ago buying 3 more storehouses(currently under construction). Then they invested all their savings in extra resources,and the hiring of 16 more employees in order to resolve the market rising issues and prevent their lovely village from falling prey to a recession.

Now Tiny Kingdom Representative Matt has announced some horrific news. Apparently the workers chain bonus percentages have been gutted by some bureaucratic team, severely affecting their 401k. Employees are outraged and have gone on STRIKE!

I am sad to report to you that Vice-President of Public Relations Mr. Many Mudstone has been beaten to death and hanged behind the City Rock to be left for T-Rex meat. His girlfriend, Cindy Claystone is devastated! While Rupert remains hopeful that the village returns to normal, Regina has shamefully lost contact with her friends.

With all communications cut off, market resources peaking to an over-all high, and her lovely dinosaurs on the brink of starvation, poor Regina fears the worst is yet to come.

"Scott can we get a visual on the village?"


Well, it appears that we are having technical difficulty viewing the village. For more updates on this story, stay tuned in to TVCO News Live with Elizabeth Emerald. Bringing you in-game news with a HUGE SPLASH OF HUMOR! Stay alive out there...

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