Friday, July 13, 2012

Good News at Market

14 July 2012 GMT/UDT

Rocks and stones are highlighted in my BUY orders today. Both are well below average and with rocks so low, expect stones to fall some more, too, as the trend trickles through to the manufacturing mills. The rest of the market is average. Which does not mean the Red Ink List is empty, be sure to check that before you put your shops into production with market resources.

Rocks are 480/thousand, well below average, and headed down.
Stones are 2,150/thousand, below average, and going lower before rebounding. This market could be volatile, watch it carefully.

Wood is 680/thousand, around average.
Lumber is 5,660/thousand, above average.
Food is 920/thousand, above average
Fur is 920/thousand, above average
Woven Fur is 5,410/thousand, around average.

Red Ink Report for the Next 24 Hours

The following shops are operating at a loss at these market prices. The number in parenthesis is how many recipes are losing your money for you if you purchase the resources for it at today's market prices.
    Furniture Store (2)
    Art series stores (3)
    Tux/Fancy Series Stores (2)
    Hiking Store (3)
    Ski Store (3)
    Canoe Store (3)
    Mountain Climbing (1)
** Remember some shops always run at a loss, like the Education series and all of the shops and workshops for the Wonders of the World Challenges.

Be careful out there!

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