Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Hiking Store Review

New Hiking Store Franchises launched across the Tiny Kingdom on July 4, 2012. If your Village has a level 36 certification, you are authorized for one.

Read on to find out if you actually want to do that, though.

The good news is that there's an intermediary shop for the mid 30's.

The bad news is that it's going to generate red ink. A lot of it. On average market days, Maps could lose close to 20,000 coins a day and walking sticks around 2,700. When prices are above average, of course, those figures will only rise. The break-even point for the Hiking Store Franchise is 3,600-4,775 coins. Resources that exceed those market prices (which are below average) result in Red Ink for the Franchisee.

But there's more good news - the experience returns on this shop are stunning. You won't see anything that exceeds this level of experience until you can open a Canoe Store or a Scooter store.

Using Lumber and Woven Fur for the primary resources for the shop in large quantities leaves you at the mercy of the (ever-increasing) Market Prices to run the shop. The profit margins on this shop are so small that the break even point for all the inventory items exceed the market price on well over half the days according to the market history for this year, and that includes the nice low months in that "average".

If you can afford to trade the coins for the experience on the days when the market is not low, you will zoom your way through the next levels! Watch the market very closely. Look at the details on the Tiny Village Wiki.

Nanakins' recommendation: Tread Cautiously - know what you're investing in here, don't buy them expecting them to pay their way very often. They won't.

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