Saturday, July 14, 2012

Low Stones Price May Be the New Market Low

15 July 2012 (GMT/UDT)

We haven't seen stones this low at market since April - when it hit an all time low a bit below this, and then within two weeks it had set a new all time market high price. I'm going to stock up on stones in case we are looking at the same scenario.

Here's the rest of the good and ... not as good news from new prices today on Stone Street:

Rocks are very low at 470/thousand and people wonder how low they can go this time. Rumors of a new market low within the next several days are keeping buyers on the alert.

Stones are very low at 1,800/thousand; personally I believe this is the new bottom of the market, but only time will tell us that. Stock up. Unless you have a time machine, stones don't come any cheaper than this.

Wood is above average at 710/thousand

Lumber is well below average at 4,140/thousand, a welcome respite from last week's record-setting price.

Food is up to 990/thousand, that's above average.

Fur is 600/thousand, nearing the market low. With the glut in mammoths from all those fusions, look for an even lower, record-breaking market price soon.

Woven fur
is 6,350/thousand well above average. The price is looking jumpy and nobody wants to make any promises on wovens from day to day right now.

Red Ink Report for the Next 24 Hours

The following shops are operating at a loss at these market prices. The number in parenthesis is how many recipes are losing your money for you if you purchase the resources for it at today's market prices.
Terra Trainers (2)
Furniture Store (2)
Art series stores (2)
Toymaker Store (2)
Tux/Fancy Series Stores (1 or 2)
Hiking Store (2)
Canoe Store (1)

** Remember
some shops almost always run at a loss, like the Education series and all of the shops and workshops for the Wonders of the World Challenges.

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