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The Magic Emporium Shop Review

Crystal shops are quite an investment that every village has to carefully consider. There's more to it than just how much money or experience the shop makes - because the shop design could be so appealing to you that your village just needs it whatever the results from operating it could be.

Introducing the latest series of 'auto-multi-level' shops, The Magic Emporium.

It's an adorable store that's arriving only for the weekend, and just in time for the solstice - midsummer in the Northern hemisphere, midwinter in the southern. The shop comes in three levels that are automatically chosen for you,depending on your current level. If you are level 4 to 17, there's the 149 crystal version, it's yellow with a blue roof on the tower and the building. If you are level 18-29, the cost is 169 crystals with a purple paint-job and a wooden roof for both parts, and for those level 30 and up, you'll get a blue paint job with a purple roof for 189 crystals.

**Note that when you reach the higher level, the shop does not change. When you achieve level 30, you'll still have the level 18 shop.

In addition to the new hiked-up price-tags on the shops (the last sets of crystal stores were only 89, 119, and 139, retrospectively), you're going to face some fairly low break-even points on some of the recipes that will bear watching current market conditions if you are unable to produce enough resources on your own, otherwise you'll be losing money.

But there's good news here - the Rings Trick recipe profit and experience in this shop is great! You'll find the details at the Tiny Village Wiki for each Magic Emporium and it's recipes. But let me put it in perspective for you so you can decide if this shop is for you.

Level 4 version (for levels 4-17 villages)

The store uses rocks for 2 recipes and wood for the other one. Let's compare it to a fairly low level popular shop, the Sparkling Gems Store (a level 6 store). You'll be making 50 percent more money on the middle recipes in the Magic Emporium, and about 10% more experience. On the long recipe,  there's 4 times as much profit and about 2 and a half times much experience. The real shining star of this comparison is the Rings Trick, the quick 4.25 minute recipe. You're going to be making money on the order of a Terra Trainer (a level 22 shop!), and experience like that's three times as much as the Furniture Store (a level 14 shop).

Even if you run out of enough rocks to provide the shop, you can purchase them at market and still make money until Rocks cost 1,800/thousand. Which is TWICE the highest price we've seen to date. Let me say it another way, you will never lose money if you buy rocks at market when you use them for Rings Tricks, until the price of rocks exceeds that.

Level 18 version (for villages levels 18-29)

Like it's younger version, the level 18 Magic Emporium's star is the Rings Trick recipe. It makes more money than a Woodwind shop (level 34 store) and nearly twice as much experience as a Teradactyl Trainer store (level 22 store). Also like the smaller version, you can safely buy your rocks for your Ring Tricks at market and never lose money!

Level 30 version (for villages 30 and up)

Right off, you're going to notice that this one uses manufactured, not raw commodities like its 2 little brother stores. It's going to use stones and lumber; wow, we know those market prices can be volatile!

This switch in ingredients changes the entire profit-making structure of the store. The best recipe is still the Rings Trick, but only if stones are available at market below 2,987/thousand. I'm here to tell you that stones spend more time above that price than below it. And at the requirements of the store, there is little to no chance you can run a shop for 12 hours straight making that recipe, because it requires 400 stones per recipe. Like the smaller versions of this shop, the longest recipe loses money nearly all the time.

Before you give up, though, there is another part of this level 30 Magic Emporium to consider. What it lacks in profit, it more than makes up for in experience. If you are able to subsidize the loss from buying your stones at market price, the Ring Trick recipe earns more experience than any other shop at the current time, including the much-lauded scooter shop, when you order Ring Tricks every 5 minutes;  it earns a third MORE experience than that level 46 Scooter Shop then.

This could be a significant advantage to the first half of the 30's level villagers.

For All Magic Emporium Shop Levels

Like the carney shell games of infamy, avoid those Magic Boxes. You're never going to find your prize under any of the three of the boxes. Walk away. They're going to take your money and honestly, not give you much to show for it.

The Bottom Line

I don't think the shop lives up to it's promise; as a crystal purchase, you'd hope it wouldn't ever lose money. But there is a place for it when you are fully informed and you know how to use it.

On the other hand, it's adorable, and that may be enough for many people.

Nanakins' Recommendation: Tread Cautiously and understand which shop you are getting, and how to use it. It could be leveraged into a substantial advantage for levels 4 through 40. After that, not as much.

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