Monday, July 9, 2012

New High Market Prices Leave Buyers Stunned

Market Report for July 10th (GMT/UDT)

When the Pterodactyl screeched at the end of the market day and the new prices were chalked for all to see there were a couple gasps in disbelief and then utter silence across the Stone Street Market.

No one ever remembered seeing Lumber take a jump like that in one day, an increase of over 248%. Come to think of it, nobody remembered it ever costing so much. Woven fur, likewise, jumped into new high price territory. It was only 81 days ago that Lumber established the last high record that was broken today - only 84 days ago for the previous Woven Fur record.

All this and today Wood posted a record low price. I mean a beat-the-records-fall-through-the-bottom lowest price ever at Market.

Astute Market Watchers will quickly grasp the irony here. Lumber is made from wood. Why would the price of wood tumble, and at the same time, the price of Lumber increase so dramatically? What in the world is going on?
I turned to the selling wing of the market, where you can sell your lumber for only 2,230/thousand. Now, let me do that math for you. In the intake portion of the market, they'll give me 2,230 for my lumber. Then they move it over to where people are buying it, and are now selling it for 8,580. That's a profit margin that exceeds 384%.

384% markup? The heck with Scooter Stores, I want to own the Market with profit margins like that.

While commodities buyers clamor for an investigation, I also heard people putting stop orders in for their new Hiking, Canoe, Ski, and Mountain Climbing stores. I just heard the accounting department yelling out for more red ink, they'd run out. This is unprecedented.

It's chaos here. I'm going to advise everyone to proceed very cautiously. Even Woodwind Shops, which have never run at a loss, are going to fall victim to this. The best thing you can know is where your profit point is when it comes to raw materials, and just not buy any resources when the price exceeds this.

Today's Resource Summary for Buyers:

Rocks are 670/thousand, which is above average.

Stones are 3,440/thousand, which is above average.

is 500/thousand, a new market low.

Lumber is 8,580/thousand, a new market high.

is 940/thousand, well above average.

is 710/thousand, below average.

Woven fur
is 7,240/thousand, a new market high.

The Red Ink Report

The following shops are operating at a loss at these market prices. The number in parenthesis is how many recipes are losing your money for you if you purchase the resources for it at today's market prices.

Sculpture Stores (2)
Furniture Shops (3)
Terradactyl Trainer (3)
Art Series of stores (3)

Tux/Fancy series of shops (2-3, depending on which store it is)
Woodwind Stores (2, with the middle one *just barely* making a profit)
Fine China Store (2)

Hiking Store (3)
Mountain Climbing Store (3)
Be careful out there!

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