Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Shop: The Salad Shop

Your Cave Mom and the Surgeon General have both told you how good salads are for you. Now Nanakins is doing the same!

On July 4th, franchise opportunities were introduced across the entire Tiny Kingdom for the very tasty Salad Shop! Here's why I think you should consider this investment for your Village.

All you need is your level 28 certification to purchase the shop. And almost 63,000 coins, plus some building supplies. Don't balk at the price, look at it analytically. If you keep the shop going with House Salads during your waking shift, and put the overnight shift to work on a Cobb Salad, the shop pays for itself within 4 days. Even quicker than that if the market conditions are right.

The bad news here is that unless you already have made the shift to it (and I had not when my Village was this size) you're going to need to get adjusted to going to the market to purchase enough food for your new shops. Yes, I said shops, because you can buy more than one! There's no realistic way any village can keep a single Salad Shop open 24 hours a day without buying food from the Market. Just accept it and move on, because it's going to be a fact of life for you from here on anyway.

That's the only bad news, too. So, buy one, let it pay for itself. Run it for 3 or 4 more days and let it pay for a second Salad Shop. Then evaluate how many your village needs for the future until you can buy Bistros.

The good news is that you're going to be rolling in the profits; profits that exceed even a level 34 woodwind shop, with nearly the same experience. Plus, you don't have to rely on the volatile lumber market to do it or babysit 10 minute production runs.

The better news is that these Salad Shops exceed the experience of even the infamous Art Gallery and Tux series of shops, which nearly always ran at a loss.

The best news is that it is a gorgeous piece of real estate, too.

So, put on your Big Girl Panties and learn to buy low at the market and store what you need. You will never look back! Look on the Wiki for all the details, then get yours!

This is a BUY IT NOW recommendation from Nanakins. Buy more than one! This shop is a game-changer!


  1. it's wrote xp from food, how many coins does salad shop give for each task and how many food take for each,and the time to do the task, can u put it here? thanks

  2. Hey PeeWee, you will find all the details of the shop in the Tiny Village Wiki. There's a link to it in the article, but here it is, too: