Saturday, July 7, 2012

New: The Village Bistro Review

Bistro Franchises became available on July 4th, 2012 to all the Villages of the Tiny Kingdom that can show their level 32 Certification.

In addition to the wonderful decor, I think you're going to like the shop! It falls into a niche that really needed a boost in villages, that slow period on the way to Apple-ville!

Let's compare it to the aforementioned Apple Shop. You're not going to make as much money, but you're going to earn a good deal more experience, believe it or not. You're going to love it!

But how profitable is it?

Well, food would have to cost 2 to 3 times the highest market price we've ever seen to result in anything BUT black ink for your village.

The Franchise costs 90,000 coins per store. But the profits are good enough that it'll pay for itself in less than 5 days. And that means it will pay for the second shop in another five days.

Like most of the shops you are going to face from this point on in your village, you will have to rely on the Market for enough resources to keep your shop going. But unlike many of the notorious shops of the past for this level of village, you won't be losing money doing it.

The Village Bistro will effectively help you get through those awful pre-Apple shop levels without any worries at all. Forget the rows of woodwind shops and the crazy prices of lumber; ride these Bistros all the way to Apple-Ville, and beyond!

You can read all the details at the Tiny Village Wiki for the shop.

Mine is already building! Who wants the first burger and fries?

Nanakins says, "Buy It Now!" Buy several!

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