Sunday, July 8, 2012

Some Prices Are Up, Some Prices Are Down

July 9 Market Update

As the market begins a climb, there's still some below average prices to take advantage of for those shiny new stores in your Village.

Rock is below average at 470/thousand. Stock up!

Stone is 3,610/thousand, which is above average. It's expected to do a yo-yo act for a couple days, though.

Wood is at 520/thousand, which is near the market low price. The buzz is that this price is going to go even lower than the record so watch this price tomorrow!

Lumber is 3,450/thousand, well below average and nearly the market low. This is a serious call for villages to stock up - experts agree that this may be the last low price for lumber in the foreseeable future. Enjoy it while it lasts, and then hang on to your hat, it's going to be a wild ride.

Food is 810/thousand, which is below average.

Fur is way up at 1,170/thousand, which is near the market high record price. If you can wait for fur, wait. It's got NOWHERE to go but down!

Woven fur is priced very low at 3,830/thousand, but today's fur prices are going to make tomorrow's woven price a bell ringer! Fill the warehouses!

**Prices effective until the market closes at reset, midnight GMT/UDT.

The Red Ink Report

The following shops are operating at a loss at these market prices. The number in parenthesis is how many recipes are losing your money for you.

Sculpture Stores (3)
Art Series of stores (2-3, depending on which store it is)
Toy Maker (1)
Tux series of shops (1-3, depending on which store it is)
Fine China Store (2)
Hiking Store (1)
Mountain Climbing Store (1)

Be careful out there!

**Note: some stores run in red-ink by design and are never included in the Red Ink Report above; such as The School series of shops and the workshops and special stores for the Wonders of the World Challenges.

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