Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Stones Go Through The Roof With New Record High

by Nanakins

Two more high price records were recorded today as the Pterodactyl screeched at the close of Market. Records for Stones and Wood fell to levels never seen before. On the heels of last week's high market prices, this is a huge shock felt in the pockets across the Tiny Kingdom.

As the market barrels into uncharted territory for buyers, the seller's room is quiet. Prices here don't even look like they're related to the commodities being sold in the other room. Stones are selling for an insulting 1,390 coins per thousand-weight. I've done the math. That's over 400% markup.

I'm going to ask again - who is pocketing the difference?

Nearly every price at the market today is high. I can recommend the food. It's grown locally and the pineapples from Farmer Tom are especially delicious this week. Please note that the market only paid Farmer Tom 480 coins for what they are selling it to you for 770, though. Poor Farmers, they feed the world, and others make the bulk of the money from it.

Don't buy anything else. Just wait. Let the market sell to itself at these prices. Surely this must be the end of this chaos at market.

Today's Market Price Board
Price per 1,000Buying Position
Rock640Well Above Average
Stones5,620*Record high price
Wood900*Record high price
Food770Below Average
Fur1,170Very High
Woven Fur6,850Above Average

The Red Ink Report for the Next 24 Hours 

The following basic stores will lose money if you purchase your resources from the market at today's prices. The number in parenthesis is how many items in the shop's stock are affected.
 Toy Maker Store (2)
Sculpture Store (3)
Furniture Store (2)
Terra Trainers (3)
Art Series Stores (3)
Tux Series Stores (3)
Fine China Store (3)
Comfy Cushions (1)
Hiking Store (3)
Canoe Store (3)
*Some stores are never listed in the Red Ink Report because they were designed to nearly always lose money, like the Education series shops and the supporting shops for the Wonders Challenge.

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