Saturday, July 7, 2012

Strike While The Market Is Low

There's only a few more hours of great prices left today before the Market Closes in the Tiny Kingdom (at Midnight GMT/UDT). You're going to enjoy lower than average prices for everything except food. Yes, everything!

Rocks are below average at 470/thousand-weight. They're going to yo-yo for the next days, so stock up when they are low and sit back on your porch and look smart tomorrow!

Stones are below average at 2,190/thousand-weight. Stock up and enjoy the prices today and tomorrow, it's going to be bumpy after that. (and when I say bumpy, I mean ... cost you more.)

Wood is just below average at 670/thousand, and is going to hang out around here and go lower in a couple days.

Lumber is 4,420/thousand - a nicely below average price. It's going to bounce for a couple days before it hits the top...and keeps on going. We're watching for records to be broken.

Food is somewhat above average at 910/thousand. But I'm still going to eat!

Fur is just below average at 810/thousand. It'll remain in this vicinity for another day, then watch for it to spike.

Woven Fur is below average at 4,290/thousand. We expect a couple days more of below average prices before a huge jump that could potentially blow the top right off the market.

As of this writing, you have less than 3 hours to stock up on those 6 things.

The Red Ink Department:

These shops are operating at a loss at these market prices. The number in parenthesis is how many recipes are losing your money for you.

Art Series of Stores (1-3, depending on which one)
Toymaker (1)
Tux series Stores (2)
Hiking Store (1)
Ski Store (1)
Canoe Store (2)
Mountain Climbing Store (1)
Be careful out there!

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