Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Many Shops Still Running in The Red Despite Some Price Easing

July 11 (GMT/UDT)
There was a collective sigh of relief as lumber and woven fur prices tumbled from their record-setting heights yesterday. Selling for just above average, it's quite a welcome change. (It's not often anyone has welcomed prices over 5,500/thousand for resources.)

Rocks are below average at 470/thousand-weight.

Stones are well above average at 3,600/thousand-weight.

Wood is very low at 540/thousand-weight.

Lumber's price fell, but is above average at 5,630/thousand.

is down, but still above average at 870/thousand.

Fur is very low at 590/thousand.

Woven fur is down, but above average at 5,800/thousand.

Red Ink Report for the Next 24 Hours

The following shops are operating at a loss at these market prices. The number in parenthesis is how many recipes are losing your money for you if you purchase the resources for it at today's market prices.
Sculpture Store (3)
Furniture Store (2)
Teradactyl Trainer (1)
Art series stores (3)
Tux/Fancy Series Stores (2)
Fine China Store (2)
Hiking Store (3)
Ski Store (3)
Canoe Store (3)
Mountain Climbing (1)
Be careful out there!

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