Saturday, July 21, 2012

Week of Records Ends With Another High

Rocks are in the spotlight today on Stone Street, and not in a good way. 4 days ago, we saw the lowest price ever paid for rocks chalked up on the Daily Prices, 370/thousand. Today, we saw the highest price ever paid for rocks, 780/thousand. Perhaps too many people stocked up, causing a shortage that drove the price up this high? It's more likely that the underlying chaos in the market itself is to blame, though.

Top level officials in the Tiny Kingdom were summoned to a closed door meeting next week with leading industry representatives and economists to help work out a plan to ease the growing panic on Stone Street as the Market careens out of control.

Today's Price Board - expires midnight July 21st GMT/UDT

Rock is at an all time high at 780/thousand weight. Buyers are urged to approach this price with caution and double checking both your inventory and your cost analysis figures.  It can only go down from here, one hopes.

Stones have fallen from their highs this week to around average at 3,070/thousand, or what passes for average now. (2,790 +/- 15%) This price is expected to only go up in the short run.

is above average at 700/thousand.  It's going to go up before you will see relief.

Lumber is 5,810/thousand, which is average.

Food is above average at 920/thousand but going down.

Fur is a good buy today at 500/thousand. Stock up, this market may be the next one hit with a rocky future.

Woven fur tumbled after yesterday's all-time-record high, and now has an average price of 5,460/thousand.

The Red Ink Report for the Next 24 Hours

The following basic stores will lose money if you purchase your resources from the market at today's prices. The number in parenthesis is how many items in the shop's stock are affected.
    Toy Maker Store (1)
    Sculpture Store (2)
    Furniture Store (2)
    Art Series Stores (3)
    Tux Series Stores (3)
    Hiking Store (3)
    Canoe Store (3)
*Some stores are never listed above because they were designed to nearly always lose money, like the Education series shops and the supporting shops for the Wonders Challenge.

Be careful out there!

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