Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lumber Falls - To Average

Market update for August 11th, GMT/UDT

by Nanakins

If you've been waiting for the price of Lumber to drop some, it's that day! It's just not low enough to help Canoe Stores.

Here's how the prices chalk up until the stroke of midnight GMT/UDT, there's only a little over 3 hours left now:

Today's Market Price Board
Price per 1,000Buying Position
Rock490Very Average
Stones3,200Little Above Average
Wood650Little Below Average
Lumber4,770Little Below Average
Fur970Little Above Average
Woven Fur5,360Average

The Red Ink Report for this 24 Hour Period

The following basic stores will lose money if you purchase your resources from the market at today's prices. The number in parenthesis is how many items in the shop's stock are affected.
Sculpture Store (2)
Art Series Stores (3)
Tux Series Stores (3)
Hiking Store (2)
Canoe Store (3)


  1. Nanakins, I know that this is most likely not the best place to post this question, but I do not know where else I could post it, and I do not know your email. First of all, I wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work on this site; it is much appreciated by me, and I'm sure by countless others! It is excellent to have a source that records as well as explains the day-to-day price fluctuations of the TV market. So again, thank you for everything! My question is a relatively simple one: Is there any way you could make a link on your blog to a page that would show the all-time extremes for each market commodity? For example, similar to the black box above, there would be the 7 market commodities in the middle, and to the left would be a column that read, "All-Time Market Low," and to the right there would be a column that read, "All-Time Market High." And essentially, you would have 14 gold prices listed (i.e. 2 extremes for each commodity). The reason I ask is that although it is important to know the recent changes in the market, it would also be great to know the entire range of prices per commodity, in order to better predict future prices. The reason I ask YOU this, is that from following your site, it clear that you a knack for this and a genuine interest in this area of the game, and so I also figured that there would be a good chance that you had written and recorded all market prices almost daily now for months, even if you haven't blogged about them all (and thus, you have valuable information that most of us didn't even think to record!). If this is at all doable, it would be much appreciated! Thank you for your time and considerations1


  2. I can totally do that, and I know how important it is, because I keep track of it, too.

    Thank you very much for the idea, Sparks. I'll go make it right now.

    You realize that the record high prices are sort of moving targets the past two months, right? I'll keep the page updated, though.

    Thank you again!

  3. Yah, I've been viewing your blog literally since I happened upon a link to it on the tiny village wikia page, and I have never looked back! I've actually read ALL the blog postings, even though I only started playing TV in late June (I'm a late bloomer so to speak!). So actually, I DO know what you mean when you say that the high prices have been "moving targets" in recent months, lol. It seemed like there were periods of time in July where literally each day wanted to "out-do" the previous one with higher prices (as if the market is a sentient being, lol) - and there was so little relief! I don't know if this serves any purpose, but you could also list the respective dates when each of the 14 extremes were reached [perhaps it gives hints of solidarity if the extremes occurred months ago, or volatility if they occurred recently (although, if anyone reads your blog, or even just vaguely pays attention to the market, it's pretty obvious that it is HIGHLY volatile, haha)?]. Anyways, thank you Nanakins for the quickness of your response, and for being willing to try out my idea! May the market be with you!!!!!

  4. OK, Geoff, I know it's taken some time, but how's that new Records Chart look now?