Wednesday, August 1, 2012

More Up Than Down

Market update for August 2nd, GMT/UDT

by Nanakins

July's poor market buying performance is spilling into August. 3 High price records were set yesterday, and another one today - this time for Woven Fur. As if anyone needed to pay more for woven fur!

With the market careening out of control without regard to logic for the prices, I am loathe to attempt to glean, let alone believe, any intelligence on futures. Stock up on stones while it is still low, hopefully there is another day of wood falling after the record price yesterday. Food looks headed up, but nobody understands why.

And as we all stand in the buying side of the market, the selling chamber continues to sport insultingly low figures as if they were proud of them. The make no effort to hide the corruption that surely must have a grip on our market for the disparity between what basic commodities are being bought for vs. what they are selling at.

Here's how it looks for the next 24 hours, buy very carefully, and keep an eye on your break-even price point. As you can tell from the Red Ink Report below, there are still significant troubles facing village shops.

Today's Market Price Board
Price per 1,000Buying Position
Rock740Near market high
Stones2,410Below average
Wood620Below average
Lumber8,500Very high
Fur1,270Very high
Woven Fur8,560New Record Market High

The Red Ink Report for the Next 24 Hours 

The following basic stores will lose money if you purchase your resources from the market at today's prices. The number in parenthesis is how many items in the shop's stock are affected.
Toy Maker Store (1)
Clothing Store (2)
Plushie Store (1)
Rug Store (1)
Furniture Shop (3)
Terra Trainers (3)
Art Series Stores (3)
Tux Series Stores (3)
Woodwind Stores (2)
Hiking Store (3)
Canoe Store (3)

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