Thursday, September 6, 2012

Food is Low - No, Wait, It's High

Market update for September 7th GMT/UDT

by Nanakins

It's another first at Market, and not necesarily the good kind. When the market opened, food was 760/thousand. Then suddenly, a few hours into trading, it was as if a fell wind blew through the Market, and food was costing buyers nearly double: a ripping 1,360/thousand. No other prices budged.

Following that bombshell, the town crier was heard going from village to village, declaring it FOOD WEEK. Now, I'm not normally given to conspiracies, but when it screeches like a pterodactyl, I think we might as well call it a Pterodactyl. SCREEEECH!

Buyers are enjoying low prices on stones and lumber, but honestly, this sort of re-pricing by authorities to fulfill their own agendas and drain our pockets takes all the joy out of those low prices, doesn't it?

Here's how the prices chalk up until the stroke of midnight GMT/UDT:

Today's Market Price Board
Price per 1,000Buying Position
Rock690Extremely High
Stones2,030Extremely Low
Wood590Bit below average
Lumber3,910Extremely low
Food760 1,360Extremely high
Fur1,220Extremely High
Woven Fur7,650High

The Red Ink Report for this 24 Hour Period

The following basic stores will lose money if you purchase your resources from the market at today's prices. The number in parenthesis is how many items in the shop's stock are affected.
Rock Candy Store (2)
Clothing Store (2)
Teradactyl Trainer (3)
Art Series Stores (3)
Tux Series Stores (2)
Hiking Store (3)
Canoe Store (1)

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